Easy to work with

Fixing and Installation


Plaspanel multi-purpose panels can be drilled, routed or sawn with standard wood working tools. Consideration should be given to thermal movement of the panel during installation as the panel can expand approximately 6 mm along the 2440 mm dimension through 40ºC temperature change. Screw holes should be drilled oversized to allow for movement, the larger you can make the hole and still fasten securely, the better the installation. Satisfactory adhesive bonds can not generally be achieved with polyethylene (PE) formulation panels.


Heat Welding


A major advantage of Plaspanel is the ability to mitre cut, fold, and heat weld. Making them ideal for quick seamless fabrication on-site or off-site.




In general it is recommended to use flat fasteners. Small headed nails and screws with cutting flutes under the head are likely to produce inferior pull through resistance. Plain head screws are preferable while self-embedding screws should be avoided.




Standard construction adhesive will bond Plaspanel to timber framing.




Plaspanel can not be painted with conventional paint systems. Viponds ‘rapid dry’ sealer / undercoat will enable standard paint systems to be used.


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